Saturday, June 11, 2011

It only took twenty something years…

I’ve been randomly grabbing pics of inspiration that I find and in doing so, had a huge epiphany about why I’ve been feeling so confident lately, so I’d like to share it with you:

 Freida Pinto

Karrueche Tran (Ignore that fact that she’s dating Chris Brown for now…)

You see - it’s all about shifting your perspective. I used to idolize thin, light haired and green eyed models (albeit, gorgeous women) and the style of bloggers and celebrities whose bodies were not relate able to me. Time and time again, I’d try to recreate their looks and then wonder why the shit I looked so.. OFF…so i shifted my aesthetic a bit and looked at girls with similar bodies, hair colour and type, skin tone and attitudes and suddenly, I feel a lot less envious of women with unattainable style or beauty.

Sofia Vergara

I don’t like to promote looking up to celebrities at all, but the reality is, we are all modelling ourselves after someone in some way…that’s what inspiration IS! So ladies, here is my advice. If you’re a thick, brown skinned chick with black hair…you’re never going to look like Blake Lively, Victoria Beckham or Emma Watson. These ladies have an immense amount of style and beauty, but you’re going to feel worse about yourself if you look to them for inspiration all of the time. 

Amber Rose

My suggestion, find a rad chick or a few rad chicks who have similar physical qualities to you, whether they be bloggers, celebrities, that girl at the MAC counter or even a classmate and find things you like about them. Don’t copy them directly, just find ways to work elements of their style into yours and then find what works for you. Just because something is trendy, doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you immediately either - seriously, I took 5+ years to get on the leggings trend because I just could NOT see them working in my wardrobe until this last year. 

Kat Dennings

Understand what works for YOUR body and YOUR skin tone. Colour schemes and ratios are all incredibly important. That dress looks sweet on your gorgeous, tiny friend…but does that mean you should get one in your size too?…maybe..maybe not. 

This has been working for me very well and I’ve been revamping my entire wardrobe slowly for the last year.To be honest (and as humble as this statement could possibly allow me to sound) I’ve never felt better about myself. 

Happy Saturday!

xx- Talya

Ps. I’ve got a bunch of really cool comments and questions in my inbox which I will get to this evening! School and a new job have got a hold of this girl and I haven’t had a tonne of blogging time… but thank you for your amazing words! I will be responding!


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